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New Album "Little River" 

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Dillon Myers is a rapidly rising country artist with roots in Dallas, Tx and a vagrant soul that has found solace in relocating several times from birth. His freshman release, Creo, was a regional success having sold over 3,000 copies independently and hundreds more in online sales. Creo explores Dillon's earliest influences, sheds light on a promising career, and show's a universally accessible style and delivery. “It was my first time in the studio. Just that part of the experience was worth it. But I also made a good impression with my first full production project and that has really helped push me along in the down times.” Dillon said, eyes fixed on the ceiling. From Lubbock to Corpus, there is always someone howling along to the ghoulishly catchy hook of 'Coyote Call' or the desperate cry for an unrequited lover in 'Ryann'. Creo was a solid foundation and Dillon is has been building upon it with great success ever since. Foreshadowing that success, Dillon’s first appearance on stage was an opening slot for Texas powerhouse Cody Johnson in 2009 at a UTA philanthropy event. Dillon gushed, “After watching Cody unleash himself on the crowd, I made plans to end my college career.”


In true artist’s fashion, he quietly withdrew from higher education and began spreading his music throughout Texas. Dillon’s vehement work ethic and refreshing approach landed him supporting roles for artists such as William Clark Green, Sam Riggs and Kyle Park. Furthermore, his abilities sparked interest from corporations like Mercedes and State Farm, both of which seized opportunities to showcase Dillon during their respective galas. Over five hundred shows later, he eagerly awaits the release of his 2017 full-length debut, Little River. Highly sought after, veteran producer, Bryan David, teamed

up with Dillon for the project. “I'm co-producing this with a Grammy nominated producer!” Dillon laughs out.“


Our combined vision took this project in a direction no other act in Texas gone.” During the process, he has been teasing his fans with clips of the current effort and the response has been overwhelming. The release will include 11 songs, each with it's own unique approach, style and emotion. If Dillon isn't already on your radar, you need to familiarize yourself. A veteran performer, armed with a soulful voice, Dillon can have you tapping your feet, wiping your tears and ever-hoping for one more song.


“In my radio career, I've learned the difference between an artist who has staying power and an artist who doesn't. Dillon has staying power. He has a writing style all his own and his live vocals outpace his recorded material. Loved the show!”

– Michelle Rodriguez (Nationally Syndicated DJ - 96.3 KSCS)

“I've had the pleasure of watching Dillon transform from a young songwriter to a veteran performer in a few short years. He just GETS it. He looks the crowd in the face and can diagnose the room in seconds. Moments later, you cant get enough of him. It really is magical to watch.”
– Jeff Schattle (National Promoter & Talent Buyer) - JARO Entertainment
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